Guest Lecture and Operating Faculty

Guest Lecture and Operating Faculty Place Year
Chairperson and presented paper - 4th SAARC ENT Congress “OTO SAARC ENT-2004” Colombo, SriLanka Sep-2004
Mini FESS –Surgical management of Isolated Maxillary Sinus pathology- “OTO FESS-2006” National Workshop on Rhinology and Otology Tiruchirapalli Apr - 2006
“ Endoscopic Management of Angiofibroma”- 5th SAARC ENT Congress,–Invited Guest Lecture in plenary Session New Delhi Sep-2006
14th ASEAN ORL and Head and neck Congress Mini FESS for Isolated Max. Sinus pathology Sarawak, Malaysia May-2011
E-BOSS Preconference Workshop – Course Director and also gave lecture on Mini FESS Trichy Aug - 2011
7th SAARC ENT Congress, Mini FESS for Isolated Max. Sinus pathology Kathmundu, Nepal May - 2011
64th Annual Conference of The Association of Otolaryngologists of India Mini FESS for Isolated Max. Sinus pathology Allahabad Jan-2012
15th ASIAN Research symposium in Rhinology. Mini FESS for Isolated Max and sphenoidal pathology and Turbinate surgery. Singapore May 24 to 26, 2012
Royal Pearl Hospital, Live FESS Workshop, Surgical demonstrator Trichy Oct-21,2012
“ Surgical options for Nasal Allergy” - 25th Annual conference NEBAOICON Guwahati, Assam 2nd -4th Nov, 2012
Mini FESS for Isolated Maxillary and sphenoidal pathology & On Turbinate Surgery - IRIESS -2013 , Westzone FESS conference Karamshad, Gujarat Feb-22 to 24, 2013
“ Surgical options for Nasal Allergy” - 25th Annual conference NEBAOICON Guwahati, Assam 2nd -4th Nov, 2012
Royal Pearl Hospital, Live FESS Workshop, Surgical demonstrator Trichy Oct-21,2012
“ Surgical options for Nasal Allergy”- 25th Annual conference,NEBAOICON Guwahati, Assam 2nd -4th Nov, 2012
IRIESS 2013 – 1st West zone Conf. on FESS Karamshad, Anand, Gujarat Feb 22-24, 2012
2nd Dr.L.H. Hiranandani AOI Midterm conference & OTO- FESS Golden jubilee workshop Raipur 2Mar- 9& 10, 2013.
Gurgaon ENT Update 2013 Gurgaon Mar-30 &31, 2013
Endoscopic Sinus – Skull base Workshop Indore Br, Indore June 29- 30 , 2013
OSACON 2013 Kochi Oct- 19& 20 , 2013
Gurgaon ENT Update 2013 Gurgaon Mar-30 &31, 2013
MENTCON – 45th Maharashtra state ENT conference Pune Dec- 13 to 15, 2013
16th Tamilnadu state AOI conf. &9thSouthzoneconf “ROCK ENT” Trichy – Panelist Cross- Fire Trichy Oct 4 & 6, 2013
AOICON 2014 – 66th National conference of Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Panelist, Moderator for Panel and Guest Lecture Mysore Jan-9 t0 12 , 2014
Gurgaon ENT Update 2014 Gurgaon Mar-30 &31, 2014
Faculty Speaker AOI & SAARC Mid Term CME New Delhi June-8 , 2014
Operating and Lectures Faculty Live Endoscopic ENT workshop Bharatpur, Nepal July- 26&27, 2014
Rhinoplasty and Rhinology conference Tailand Sep- 2014
Operating Faculty in 3th Damietta Annual ENT Society conference Damietta , Egypt Oct-2014
Faculty in 3th Damietta Annual ENT Society conference Port said , Egypt Oct-2014
Rhinology united meet Dubai Nov- 2014
FESS and cadaber dissection live workshop, Hyderabad ENT Research Foundation,Operating faculty and Cadaver FESS Demonstrator Hyderabad Dec- 2014
AOICON 2015 – 67th National conference of Association of Otolaryngologists of India,Panelist, Moderator for Panel and Guest Lecture and operating faculty Raipur Jan-7 to 12 , 2015
MESRAC , Endoscopic Ear surgery workshop,Operating Faculty Calicut Feb-2015
2nd Shiraz Rhinolgy conference,Guest speaker Shiraz , Iran April 14 to 17, 2015
World Rhinology Congress Sao Paulo,Guest Speaker Brazil April 30 to 2 May, 2015
Endo thyrootocon,Chairperson and speaker Kollam June-2015
SOFT 2015, operating faculty. Trichy May-15 to 17, 2015
18th Tamilnadu state AOI conf. &9th Southzone conf “ROCK ENT”, Panelist , Chairperson, and my innovation presentation and judge for poster competition. Kanyakumari Sep-11 to 13, 2015
1st National conference on Endoscopic Ear Surgery,Guest speaker. Hyderabad Sept 22-23 , 2015
Dakha Temporal bone and FESS and Ear surgery workshop – Bangladesh medical college,Guest lecture and operating faculty. Dakha Sep 29 to Oct 1st - 2015
Chairperson EBOSS 2015 , Endoscopic Skull base surgery Trivandrum, India Oct 11 to 13- 2015
International faculty in 1st Endoscopic Ear and Sinus workshop under LA Kafr elsheikh Oct – 2015
Faculty in 4th Damietta Annual ENT Society conference Port said , Egypt Oct 21 to 23 , 2015
Guest speaker, Chairperson, Rhinocon 2015 UP, India. Nov- 27 to 29, 2015
Invited Speaker, Panelist Basics to Advanced techniques in Otology Hyderabad Nov-29, 2015
Invited Speaker 68th Annual conference of AOI , Gurgaon Delhi Jan 28 to 31, 2016.
Nasal polyposis-Operating and Invited Speaker-Judge Faculty Chitradurga,Karnataka Feb-13 & 14, 2016.
Festival 2016-Chairperson Bangalore March 25 to 27, 2016
Faculty IASSACON- 2016 , 4th National conf. of IASSA Mumbai April 1 to 3, 2016
Faculty Operating and Lectures For Egyptian military Academy and 11th Annual ORL Conference of Armed Forces Cairo- Galaa Military Complex April 26 to May 3, 2016
Faculty for cadaver dissection of endoscopic Ear and Plenary Guest lecture and Symposia and panelist 18th Asian Research Symposium on Rhinology and 8th Malaysian Internationational Congress on Otorhinolaryngology Kuala Lumpur 26th to 28th May 2016
12th ENSICON 2016-Operating Faculty Pollachi, Kovai, India july- 23 & 24, 2016
North Bengal Medical college and Silliguri Aoi Conference, Faculty operating surgeon and Oration North Bengal 5th to 7th August, 2016
Rhinocon 2016 MAA, Hyderabad 12th to 14th August, 2016
Gujarat state conf. on Otology in Bali,Faculty Guest speaker Indonesia Sep- 8 to 10 , 2016
Rhinoalex 2016, Faculty Speaker Alexandria, Egypt Oct-19 to 21, 2016
Lateral Skull base surgery – Faculty moderator Trichy Dec-30 to jan 1st, 2017
Guest lecture – Stanley medical college - Local anesthesia in FESS chennai Jan, 7, 2017
69th aoicon national conference at as faculty in instructional course Kolkata feb 2nd to 4th, 2017
3rd International Skull base and FESS workshop, as operating faculty which included cadaver dissection and lectures Dhaka 28th to 29th March - 2017
Explore ENT 2017 - gave a talk on chronic stuffy Nose. Agra April 7 to 9, 2017
Rhinoplasty workshop on at Royal pearl, by Dr. Virendra trichy 15th and 16th April, 2017
Faculty endoscopic ear surgery and cadaver dissection demo Dr.Rao’s Superspeciality Hospital100th Ear surgery and temporal bone dissection workshop Hyderabad june 8th to 11th , 2017
Rhinocon- National annual conf of All india Rhinology Scoiety Amristar 18 -20 Aug, 2017
World Rhinology congress as faculty Hongkong Aug 31st to Sept 3rd 2017
Rhinology conf study tour of Gujarat aoi as Faculty Maldives September 17 to 20 – 2017
1st temporal bone dissection workshop and live surgical workshop of Utara adnik medical college operating Faculty Dhaka Oct 10 and 11 2017
Skull base CME on with Dr. Narayanan Janakiram, Dr.Rao’s Hospital Hyderabad 15th October 2017
101st course of Dr.GVS Rao Temporal bone and Cadaver FESS dissection from Nov 24th to 26th -2017
70th AOICON national ENT Conference , This is 6th time as faculty Indore-MP jan 5 to 7 - 2017
Faculty in Tirupura aoi ENT workshop – Agarthala Medical College. Gave lecture Day 2 , 27th did FESS and endo tympanoplasty and demonstrated. Agarthala 26th and 27th Jan -2018
IASSACON 2018 the 6th national conf of snoring and OSA Pondicherry March 2nd to 4th-2018
Otology workshop -Lucknow cancer institute by Aoi Lucknow and UP March 17th -18th- 2018
Explore ENT 2018 Agra 6th to 8th April, 2018
110th Rao’s cadaver dissection course and live surgical FESS demonstration Hyderabad 19th to 24th July – 2018
111th Rao 's cadaver dissection and live FESS ,temporal bone dissection course Hyderabad Aug 5th and 6th. 2018
Kufa international ORL conf,Najaf , Faculty Speaker Iraq Sept 28-29, 2018
Rhinocon Bhuvaneswar as Guest speaker ( 4 lectures) and 2 surgical live demonstration Bhuvaneswar Oct 5th to 7th 2018
Nasal polyposis under LA , International Symposium on Nasal polyposis and Chronic Sinusitis, Faculty Speaker Bangalore Nov- 9 to 11, 2018
Midaoicon Raipur – Ahila’s diathermy knike as faculty speaker Raipur November 16 to 18, 2018.
Global Endoscopic Ear Surgery Summit , Faculty Speaker Patna Feb 23 and 24, 2019
114th Temporal dissection, FESS cadaver dissection and Live FESS demo Rao’s ENT centre, Hyderabad. March 21 to 25th 2019
Surgical workshop on Cartilage Tympanoplasty, Live surgery demonstration and Guest lecture Ghaziabad, U.P. April 7th and 8th , 2019
Faculty Lecture and Live Surgical Demonstration Of FESS under LA and Endoscopic Ear Surgery , hoisted by AOI Pune, Deenanath Mangeskar Hospital. Pune May 11th and 12th 2019
E BOSS 3 – Endoscopic Skull base workshop- cadaver dissection teaching faculty. Bangalore June 15th and 16th 2019
Endocon KIMS Trivandrum , Guest speaker and Live FESS demonstrator under LA. Trivandrum July 6th and 7th 2019
Rhinocon 2019 National Rhinology Conference, Faculty Speaker and Panelist Chandigarh August 30th to Sept 1st 2019
Villupuram medical college , ENT CME, Prof. GSN superannuation Pannelist. Villupuram Sept 17th 2019
43rd Gujarat state AOI conference in Udaipur , Guest lecture, Judge Poster presentation. Udaipur Sept 27th to 29th 2019
Rhinotocon Hyderabad Rao’s – Guest Speaker. Hyderabad Oct 11th to 13th 2019
72nd AOICON-2020 - Invited speaker, Instructional Course. Nagpur January 10th to 12th 2020.