The science and art of ENT surgery has come a long way. " Surgery is the first and highest division of healing art , pure in itself, a working product of heaven and sure of fame on earth" said by the great Sushrutha, the father Indian surgery 2000 years ago.

I believe that the most wonderful tool available to a surgeon at the operating table is his hands. Today ENT surgery has advanced unimaginably around the globe with bit of high end technology. Its an era of scopes. Scopes for everything ear, nose, sinuses, throat and for salivary system too. Future is going to revolve around the endoscopes and the HD technology in ENT. But a good surgeon must have a perfect knowledge of anatomy. He must posses tremendous confidence, clarity of taught, and courage to face any complex situations that pop up unexpectedly at the operation table.

Someone brave to use knife everywhere is a butcher but A good surgeon one who knows when not to use the knife. The aim of a good surgeon is to learn to perfect his art , skills, knowledge, techniques and finally his results.

" when there is no more food needed for the ears then have some food for the stomach" - said by Great Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar in the Thirukural 2500 yrs ago.

Dr.N.Ahilasamy MS., MNAMS., DNB., FRCS.,DHA.,

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