Surgical Options for Nasal Allergy

The surgical management of allergic rhinitis,the main stay of surgical intervention targets the inferior turbinate - Mini turbinoplasty Dr.Ahilasamy's Tunneling tech. and on the parasympathetic supply to the nasal mucosa-posterior nasal neurectomy popularized in the Indian subcontinent by him. He is the pioneer of this technique. His techniques are very simple easy to follow and very much result oriented and can be performed under LA without any morbidity or complication. No post-op painful nasal packing.

Endoscopic Ear Surgeries For CSOM (Scarless Mastoidectomies and Tympanoplasties) by Dr. Ahila’s Technique

Now he has developed a new surgical techniques for CSOM (Ear discharge and cholesteatoma) management. It is totally scarless endoscopically done under Local anaesthesia as day care procedure. Patient can go to work next day onwards. Healing is much faster and negligible pain. No cumbersome mastoid dressings.

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Did his masters in ENT from Madras Medical College, Chennai in 1998 and DNB (National Board) in 1999. He did Fellowship from Edinburgh (UK) in 2003. He spent sometime in the Royal Hospital- Sunderland (UK) under Mr.Peter Samuel in ENT. He worked with Prof.K.K.Ramalingam & Dr.Ravi Ramalingam and headed there peripheral centre’s for 8 years before starting his own Ahilasamy ENT Centre in 2006. He is also the chief ENT surgeon and heads the ENT Dept. Prashanth Multispecialty hospital, Chennai. He was chief ENT and Head & Neck surgeon of Dr. Kamakshi memorial hospital from 2006 to 2019, now visiting Surgeon. He has experience in managing patients of both urban and rural background and has conducted more than 550 free ENT Camps for all sections of the Society.

His field of interest is Rhinology, Endoscopic Sinus and Ear Surgeries with local anesthesia. He has done over 5500 endoscopic nose & sinus, 150 endoscopic skull base surgeries for various skull base and brain tumors and 2200 endoscopic (Scarless) ear surgeries apart from other routine ENT surgeries in 25 years of service.

He has released a surgical demonstration 5 CDs on

1. Mini FESS – Surgical Management of Isolated Maxillary Sinus Pathology (DVD)

2. Mini FESS – Isolated sphenoidal pathology

3. On Endoscopic management of Juvenile Angiofibroma

4. Turbinate surgery

5. Endoscopic Ear Surgeries ( DVD) mainly for the budding ENT Surgeons

He is world famous for Endoscopic Ear and Sinus surgeries under local anesthesia. He is the pioneer and only one who introduced modern Surgeries For nasal Allergy – Posterior nasal neurectomy and Mini Turbinoplasty – Tunneling tech in India.

He is a master in FESS (nasal and Sinus) under Local Anesthesia with his own techniques of blocks as daycare surgery and has demonstrated in workshops too all over india and the world in AOICON- Raipur-15, Nepal, Dakha , Egypt, Hyderabad, Agarthala, Trichy, etc.

He is the first person in the world to do and introduce totally Scarless Tympanoplasties and Mastoidectomies for CSOM (Ear discharge).

Turbinate Surgery and Mini Turbinoplasty – Own Tunneling technique – Big Series.

own technique called Mini FESS(for All isolated Maxillary and sphenoidal pathology under LA).

Magic of Maxillary Sinus under LA.

Mini Turbinoplasty – My Tunneling technique.

Septal Abscess management-My tech.

Big Series of Foreign body removal from Ear, nose, throat especially in Children as OPD procedure.

He has innovated few ENT surgical instruments too. One among it Ahila’s diathermy round knife for endoscopic ear surgery is famous all over the world.

Operating for Egyptian Army in Galaa Army Hospital, Cairo.

His recent interest is newer surgical management of Allergic Sinusitis, in which he is the pioneer surgeon in India. He has given lectures on Endoscopic sinus surgery in several national (all over India) aswell as international conferences (in Malaysia- twice,Singapore – twice ,Srilanka,Nepal- twice ,Thailand, Bangladesh,Dubai, Shiraz-Iran, Sao Paulo-Brazil, Egypt (four times), Indonesia, Maldives, Iraq) and international operating faculty in endoscopic Sinus and Ear Surgeries in countries like Egypt, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia and all over india.

He had done a lot of awareness programs on ENT diseases for public in various telemedia regularly (Sun TV, Sun News TV , Jeya TV, Polimer TV etc.) . He has more than 400 videos in youtube with a aggregate nearly 9 million views mainly to teach ENT surgeons around the world. Has done programmes for Discovery channel- Squeamish, US TV channel - Doctors Show on ENT foreign body removal.

Done Guest lectures/ Invited talk in National conferences(Mysore -2014, Allahabad-12, Bombay-10), NEBAOICON-12 (Gauhati), AOI mid term conf. -13 –Raipur, West zone FESS workshop- 2012 - Anand, Gujarat, Endoscopic Sinus conf.2013- Gurgaon, Endo Skull base conf-13, Indore,ENT update conf.2014- Gurgaon,AOI mid term conf. SAARC -14 – New Delhi. SAARC conf. (Srilanka-04, New Delhi-07, Nepal-11), E-BOSS -2011, 14th ASEAN ORL Conf.(Malaysia- May 2011), 15th Asian Research Symposium in Rhinology (Singapore- May 2012), COMS Nepal-2014, Facial plastic and Advanced SinusSurgery conf., Patayya, Thailand, 3rd Damietta Annual ENT conf. Port said, Egypt- 2014, Rhinology Unites, Dubai- 2014 , Temporal bone and Ear surgrry workshop in Royal Pearl Hospital, Trichy- 2014, Cadaver and Live Endoscopic Sinus surgery workshop, Hyderabad ENT Research Foundation, AOICON- 2015, All india conf. Raipur, 2nd Shiraz Rhinology international course, Iran. 16th World Rhinology congress, Sao Paulo- Brazil-2015, etc. 25th Dhaka temporal bone, Endoscopic Sinus and Ear Workshop. 1st international endoscopic Ear and Sinus workshop under LA – Kafrelsheikh, 4th Damietta Annual ENT conf. Port said, Egypt. Rhinocon-2015, Bareilly nov 2015. ISOCON Hyderabad Nov-15. AOICON-2016, Gurgaon. Nasal polyposis Feb-13,14th - Chitradurgah, Karnataka. Faculty & operating surgeon military academy wokshop, Cairo, Military Academy Egypt-Apr-May- 2016 (Operating faculty and Speaker). Asean Congress – Malaysia May 2016 Cadaver demonstrater & Speaker, Egypt – Rhinoalex- Oct-2016. AOICON- 2017 Kolkotha. Operating Faculty Endoscopic Sinus and Skull base Surgery, Dhaka – March, 2017. Explore ENT , Agra – April, 2017. Rhinocon- 2017 – Amristar. World Rhinology congress in Hong kong as faculty 2017. Rhinology conf. study tour of Gujarat AOI– 2017 – Maldives as Faculty. 1st temporal bone dissection workshop and live surgical workshop of Utara adnik medical college, Dhaka as operating Faculty. 101st course of Dr.GVS Rao Temporal bone and Cadaver FESS dissection -2017. 70th AOICON national ENT Conference -Indore, - 2017. This is 6th time as AOICON faculty. Faculty in Tirupura AOI ENT workshop -2018 – Agarthala Medical College. IASSACON 2018 the 6th national conf. of snoring and OSA in pondicherry. Lucknow otology workshop March 17,18th in Lucknow. Explore ENT – Agra 6,8th April. Rao’s cadaver dissection course and live surgical FESS demonstration June and July- 2018. Kufa international ORL conf, Najaf, Iraq Sept 28,29th 2018. Rhinocon Bhuvaneswar Oct 5th to 7th as Guest speaker (4 lectures) and 2 surgical live demonstration. Nasal polyposis under LA, International Symposium on Nasal polyposis and Chronic Sinusitis, Bangalore Nov- 9th to 11th 2018. Midaoicon Raipur – Ahila's diathermy knike as faculty speaker, Nov 16th to 18th 2018. etc.

Global Endoscopic Ear Surgery Summit , Faculty Speaker Feb 23 and 24 2019 , Patna. 114th Temporal dissection, FESS cadaver dissection and Live FESS demo , March 21 to 25th 2019 , Rao’s ENT centre, Hyderabad. Surgical workshop on Cartilage Tympanoplasty, Ghaziabad, U.P. Live surgery demonstration and Guest lecture, April 7th and 8th , 2019.Faculty Lecture and Live Surgical Demonstration Of FESS under LA and Endoscopic Ear Surgery , hoisted by AOI Pune, Deenanath Mangeskar Hospital, Pune, May 11th and 12th 2019.

E BOSS 3 – Endoscopic Skull base workshop – June 15-16, 2019, Bangalore - cadaver dissection teaching faculty. Endocon KIMS July 6th and 7th, Rhinocon 2019, Chandigarh, August 30th to Sept1st. E BOSS 3 – Endoscopic Skull base workshop – June 15-16, 2019, Bangalore . Endocon KIMS July 6th and 7th, Rhinocon 2019, Chandigarh, August 30th to Sept1st.Rhinocon 2019 National Rhinology Conference, Chandigarh, August 30th to Sept1st. Faculty Speaker and Panelist Villupuram medical college , ENT CME, Prof. GSN superannuation , Sept 17th 2019, Pannelist.43rd Gujarat state aoi conference in Udaipur Sept 27th to 29th 2019, Guest lecture, Judge Poster presentation. Rhinotocon , Hyderabad, Rao’s – Oct 11th to 13th 2019 – Guest Speaker.

Apart from several paper presentations in national and international conference . Has published several articles in national and international journals.

The Endoscopic Ear surgeon is generally the first to identify the need for a new device, instrument or technique due to the difficulties he faces day to day in the OT. Identifying the need can lead to the concept of a new instrument or device. In turn, designing, patenting and developing this Ahilasamy’s round diathermy knife may facilitate the performance of surgery and advance the art of Endoscopic surgery to a higher level. 72nd AOICON, 2020, Nagpur, January 10th to 12th - Invited speaker, Instructional Course. Webinar Moderator – Pannel discussion on Endoscopic Ear Surgery – Current Concepts and Difficult Situations, May 28th ,2020. (855 attendees all over the world).